Hillsborough Basketball League - Somerset, NJ

Central Jersey Junior Basketball League


The “How To” Page...

If you are a member of the league and would like instructions on the following tasks, simply follow the steps below. 


Question: What do I do if I forgot my password?

Answer:  Where it says LOG IN on the home page, enter your user name (first and last name) and anything for a password.  It will bring you to a page where it asks you to ATTEMPT LOGIN AGAIN.  Click on this and it will bring you to a page where there is a CLICK HERE option for those who lost their password.  Select this option, follow the steps, and your password will be emailed to you. 


Question: How do I enter my home games in the CALENDAR section of the site?

Answer: Follow the instructions below:


1) Go to www.cjjbl.com and login.

2) Click on CALENDAR at the top of the page. 

3) Select the date (move cursor directly over the actual date) where your school will be hosting a divisional boys or girls game.   

4) Under Calendar Text, please indicate the opposing school followed by the gender and then @ the host team.  For example, Hillsborough Girls @Branchburg. 

5) Please choose the start time of the game.  The TIME option is to the right of the Calendar Text option.   

6) If you so desire, you can play around with the color scheme to make it your school colors.  This isn't mandatory. 




1) If you click SUBMIT and it doesn't go through, try again.  Sometimes an error occurs but just keep at it.  It can be frustrating at times but eventually it will go through. 

2) Please enter DIVISIONAL games only.  If Hillsborough is playing Middlesex in a cross-divisional game, it SHOULD NOT be entered onto the site. 

3) Please enter HOME games only.  If everyone does their part, it will minimize the amount of work per school.


Question: How do I update my personal contact information?

Answer: Follow the instructions below:


1)      Go to www.cjjbl.com and login.

2)      Click on ADMIN PANEL at the top, choose DIRECTORY, and then select COACHES*.

3)      Choose UPDATE MY PROFILE and complete all the appropriate contact information.

4)      This is a password protected site so the only people who can view your contact info are the members of the league. 

5)      It’s important to have AT LEAST your cell phone number included under your contact information. 

6)      You may change your password as you see fit. 

7)      Do not change your user name.  It must be your first and last name for ease in identifying users on the site. 


Question: How do I enter game results on the site?

Answer: Follow the instructions below:


1)      The WINNING team is responsible for entering the game result within 24 hours of the contest.  It is the coach's responsibility to complete this task. If you would like to assign a delegate (parent, player, or statistician) to complete this task, ask your AD to add them as delegates on the site. 

2)      Once you login, go to ADMIN PANEL, GAME ENTRY, INSERT GAME and fill in the appropriate information including the date, gender, HOME team, AWAY team, and the final score (HOME team score first followed by AWAY team first).  Then click INSERT GAME RESULT.  Please review for accuracy before you submit it. 

3)      Please make sure you enter DIVISIONAL GAMES ONLY!  For example, if Hillsborough is playing Middlesex in a cross-divisional game, DO NOT ENTER IT. 

4)      If there are any mistakes, email the league president and it will be fixed. 


Question: How do I update my profile, update a delegate’s profile, add a delegate, or delete a delegate? 

Answer: Follow the instructions below:


1)      Login using your user name and password.

2)      Click on the ADMIN PANEL at the top of the home page.

3)      Select DIRECTORY and choose COACHES*.

4)      Under the DIRECTORY PROFILE OPTIONS, choose from the following: Update My Profile, Update a Teammate, Add a Delegate to My Team, or Delete a Delegate.  The rest of the steps are clear. 


*Athletic Director’s- if you have a new coach, simply follow the steps above to create a login for your new coach.  If you’d like to add a parent or statistician to input game results on the site, feel free to do so.